D is for Do It

D2020I’m late. This blog post should have been up like, what? Four or five days ago. I haven’t been able to come up with a good D word, and this evening I started thinking I should just give up. How could I ever catch up? Who wants to read my stupid blog anyway? I am wasting my time. My thoughts started spiraling, down, down, down. I got down on myself, and I got down on my writing, which led me to get down on me as a therapist, and down on myself as a mother, and so on and so forth until I thought I was the worst person ever to walk the face of the earth.

And then I decided that I needed to follow my own damn advice: do it. Just do the thing that I want to do. I doesn’t matter that it’s late. It doesn’t matter that I’ve probably been eliminated from the official  A to Z Challenge list. If I can muster the will to write this blog, I will feel better instantaneously. This I know for sure.

How do I know? I know because I use Do It all the time to motivate myself to get stuff done. I use it to run every morning (well, most mornings) because I know that if I Do It my day will go well. I’ll be happier, healthier, feel better about myself, have more patience, be more prepared to listen to my clients. Before I even begin my run, I know I will have more energy and a more positive outlook on my day because I know. I’ve experienced the transformation. And if I can remind myself that I know for sure, I can run.

If I can remind myself that my writing matters, because it just does, I can write. I wrote. I have written. And I do feel better.

Do it. Whatever it is. You’ll feel better. You know you will.

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